Stories that deserve to be told

Stories that deserve to be told

Introducing Pacific Journal

We have one goal: To uncover and share the most compelling stories, ideas and insights from the people and communities who make up Canada’s most important coastal city, Vancouver, B.C.

We read and share the news, but we’re mostly interested in what happens before the headlines. Before the launch. Before the award. Before the new location. Before the acquisition. Before the exit. And before the accolades.

We’re chronicling the lives of your neighbours -- the extraordinary bits and the mundane. Because there are no little things when it comes to personal stories. Sometimes the footnote deserves to be the focal point. The devil is in the details, as the old adage goes.

So we’re trying our best to get the details down as fully and fast as possible.

We hope you enjoy them.

To start, you can look forward to interviews with local entrepreneurs, business leaders, innovators and creatives. Here's a look at our first slate of subjects:

  • Jessie Adcock, Chief Technology Officer, City of Vancouver

  • Dr. Uwe Boll, Owner, Bauhaus Restaurant and Filmmaker

  • Chris Miller, CEO, Invoke

  • Janelle Lazeski, Senior Designer for Research & Development, JOEY Restaurant Group

  • Dr. Elicia Maine, Professor, Technology & Operations Management, SFU

  • Brenda Irwin, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Relentless Pursuit Partners

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William Johnson is a co-founder of Pacific Journal. He writes about creative people doing creative things.